Los Cheesies is a Rock Fusion Band that integrates both Latin and American style rhythms. With Los Cheesies, Anything Goes!!! Check out their website here to see some of their hilarious videos.

We're excited to welcome Suburban Wiener back to Spirit Hound. If you've forgotten, here's something to jog your memory:

"While we don't take ourselves too seriously (I mean, come on, we drive a big red wiener truck!), we don't mess around when it comes to the quality of our food. Sustainability is a priority.  Our sausage is crafted in Denver by Continental Sausage; a company dedicated to old world techniques.  Our bread is baked by Boulder-based BreadWorks. And they rule. We make all of our toppings, sides, and desserts.  We even make our own mustard."

Check out their menu here.