Get excited, because Spirit Hound is releasing a whisky that has been aged for 4 years!

This is our very first public release of any whisky that has been aged for more than 2 years. Take it from us, it was worth the wait!

Spirit Hound seems to have an affinity for 13s, so naturally our first 4-years whisky is barrel #13, and we're releasing it on Friday the 13th at 1:13 in the afternoon (13:13, if you're a military time kinda person).

To celebrate, La Rue Bayou food truck will be joining us at 5 pm and will stay until there are no more hungry guests; local rockstars The 89s will be playing in the back yard starting at 6 pm. 

Stay tuned for more Friday the 13th activities...we're distilling up some good ones.