Inspired by the success of our Backyard Stargazing event, Spirit Hound is teaming up with some of our favorite astronomy experts for a wintertime series, Science and Spirits Salon (the ‘meeting of intellectuals’ type of salon, not the hairdressing kind).

For the third lecture in our series, John Spencer from the Southwest Research Institute will be joining us to talk about a Kuiper belt object, 2014 MU69 (colloquially known as Ultima Thule). Spencer is a science team member on the New Horizons probe mission, which recently did a flyby of Ultima Thule. He will discuss some of the new information gleaned by the project (including its new conclusions of the rock’s shape…a dented walnut attached to a pancake). We’ll have subject-appropriate cocktails available for purchase, as well as our normal cocktail menu. We hope you can join us!