Our whisky is brewed with all Colorado Malt from a family farm in Alamosa, Colorado.

We let it age for a minimum of two years in new full-size White American Oak barrels.  Once the whisky has aged for two years it is eligible for bottling. 

At that point it is up to the discretion of our distillers and the sensory panel to determine when bottling will occur.

So far we have elected to do no blending of barrels: all of our barrels are bottled as single barrel batches.  We love this approach because while all of the barrels are delicious, there are some very interesting nuances from barrel to barrel.

Summer of 2015, we bottled only five barrels worth of whisky - it sold out immediately upon its release on August 22nd, 2015 in our Lyons, Colorado Tasting Room. 

Our second release of whisky was April of 2016. Currently it is available for purchase in our Tasting Room and at a few select Colorado retailers.

 As new barrels continue to mature they will be bottled for release, so please follow our progress online or check in with our tasting room to confirm availability.  At the link below, you will find the tasting notes for all malt whisky barrels released to date as well as the numbers of those currently available for purchase at the distillery.

Here is a list of the notes for all released Spirit Hound Straight Malt Whisky barrels.



From head distiller Craig Engelhorn:

"We started our distillery with the sobering knowledge that whisky takes time to produce.  Rather than cave in to the temptation to source our whisky from another distillery, or force a quick age using small barrels or oak chips we made an early decision to produce a Straight Malt whisky of our own, from scratch, using 100% Colorado malted barley as the base.  Following tradition, and US Government rules, our whisky is aged in brand-new full-sized White American Oak barrels with a full char for a minimum of two years."

"Furthermore, in the true tradition of producing a craft product, we have hand-crafted our own stills, following shapes and dimensions traditional in Scottish whisky production – appropriate for our 100% malt whisky.  Our barley is grown, malted, and peat-smoked in Alamosa, Colorado by the Colorado Malting Company.  We brew, ferment, and distill our whisky mash in our distillery in Lyons, Colorado, where it is then barrel-aged for at least two years before becoming eligible for bottling. This is a truly 100% Colorado product, 'from grain to glass.'”



Silver Medal, 2018 Breckenridge Crafts Spirits Festival, barrel #80

Double Gold Medal, 2018 "The Fifty Best" American Malt Whiskies

Bronze Medal, Craft Distilled Whisky, 2016 San Francisco World Spirit Competition

Gold Medal, Whisky, 2015 Breckenridge Craft Spirit Competition