Barrel #128

Nose is dusty, with notes of browned butter and toffee, as well as bright, with notes of lemon zest and freshly cut green apple. Initial taste yields rich and buttery flavors of dried cherries, fresh caramel, and clover honey. Finish lingers with a tingling cinnamon spice at the back of the palate.

Barrel #126

Sweet nose, with notes of dried peach, smoked maple and black cherry. Mellow initial taste that transitions to rich notes of woody caramel and a blend of sharp holiday spices. Slightly dusty finish; toasted oak lingers softly on the palate.

Barrel #125

Initial nose is volatile, with notes of black cherry, honey, and marzipan; as the whisky opens, the ethanol retreats and sweeter flavors of cream soda and sarsaparilla come through. Flavor is malty, nutty, and creamy, with notes of sweet rainier cherries and vanilla. Finish lingers mildly spicy and oaky.

Barrel #124

Black cherry, Dr. Pepper, red licorice and caraway on the nose. Flavors are buttery, malty, and nutty, with hints of sherry. Smoky flavors are prominent but well-balanced. Finish is somewhat dry, with a pleasant lingering cinnamon flavor.

Barrel #122

Nose is sweet and herbaceous, with notes of caraway, fermenting malt, and almond. Smooth mouthfeel and sweet taste, with prominent oak notes, hints of milk chocolate and spicy cinnamon. Finish lingers with a sharp spice note and toasted oak on the exhale.

Barrel #121

Nose is sweet, with notes of honey, fresh almond, and red apple. Taste is mellow and approachable, with a coating, buttery mouthfeel and notes of caramel, oak, and a hint of char. Finish is warming, and caramelized brown sugar notes linger on the tongue.

Barrel #120

Dusty nose, with hints of leather, sweet toffee and green banana. Flavor starts out dry, then sweetens quickly, with notes of vanilla, orange oil and burnt sugar. Buttery, with a mid-palate woody spice that lingers into the finish, joining with a slight charcoal smokiness.

Barrel #119

Nose is complex, with notes of sweet almond paste, resinous pine, fresh orange and brown sugar. Flavors, though complex, are mild and harmonious – with notes of red licorice, vanilla and fresh oak. Finishes spicy and cooling, lingering on the tongue long after swallowing.

Barrel #118

Nose is fruity, with notes of lemon oil and green apple, as well as sweet, with notes of honey and marzipan. Sweet and smooth initial flavors of bitter dark chocolate and molasses, with a mid-palate spice that lingers. Finish has hints of cooling eucalyptus and earthy smoke.

Barrel #117

Green apple and brown sugar nose that transitions to vanilla, toffee and black cherry as it opens. Sweet vanilla and honey flavors, with notes of sarsaparilla and sassafras. Finish is mild, with oaky notes and a lingering tongue tingle.

Barrel #112

Nose is slightly herbal/medicinal, with floral and honey notes. Sweet and mellow up front with a coating mouthfeel that transitions to earthy and spicy, with notes of cinchona bark and allspice. Finish lingers cooling and tinglingly spiciy on the tongue.

Barrel #111

Nose is rich, with notes of dried strawberry, banana nut bread and malt balls. Flavor is sweet and approachable, with notes of black cherry and honey. Finish is cooling and spicy, with menthol and sharp cinnamon.

Barrel #110

Nose is complex, with notes of banana nut bread, cinnamon, dried apricot and toffee. Initial flavor is slightly tart, with mandarin notes. Flavors transitions to a rich and slightly phenolic, with vanilla and subtle marzipan flavors. Lingers spicy, cooling and resinous on the tongue.

Barrel #107

Nose has notes of honeycomb, maple, banana and toasted oak. Taste is light and buttery up front, with cocoa and minerally molasses notes that transition to tart and tangy, with a slight leather character. Finish is cooling with a lingering tongue tingle.

Barrel #106

Nose has notes of dried orange peel and tart malt. Smooth up front, with a medium body and sweet caramel and brown sugar notes. Easy drinking, with a mild finish that develops a sharp cinnamon note as it lingers.

Barrel #29

Exclusive release for Wilbur’s Total Beverage and Wyatt’s Wet Goods. Our second four-year-old whisky released to date. Bottled in Bond.

Barrel #105

Nose has notes of freshly-sliced pear, leather and resin. Coating mouthfeel, with simple, sweet notes of milk chocolate and black cherry. Finish comes on slowly and lingers for a long time, with a sharp, spicy note.

Barrel #102

Nose has notes of fresh oak and sweet cotton candy, and as it opens up, tangy malt. Sweet, buttery and smooth up front, with notes of vanilla, barrel char and a slight hint of non-phenolic peat. Finishes with a slight spicy, cooling note that lingers sweetly on the tongue.

Barrel #103

Exclusive bottling for Hazel’s Beverage World

Barrel #101

Nose that is both sweet, with notes of graham cracker and caramel, and fruity, with notes of dried orange peel and apple. Flavors are sweet and rich, with notes of creamy chocolate, clover honey and tannic malt. Finish starts with flavors of raw almonds and peat, then transitions to sweet brown sugar and lingers spicy and cooling on the tongue.