Barrel #35

Slightly sweet orange nose.  An earthy, smooth and smoky body with a buttery mouthfeel. Finishes with a slight dryness that perfectly counterbalances a lingering sweetness.

Barrel #27

Dusty oak nose, with a sweet, buttery and candied caramel taste. Finish is smooth and coating, with the barest hint of tartness.  Lingering vanilla and cream soda notes.

Barrel #28

Modest fruit nose with barely perceptible hints of smoke.  Medium body and mellow taste, with subtle peat flavor. Finishes tart and slightly dry.

Barrel #30

Toasted oak and molasses nose with a mellow, caramel and coating mouthfeel. Slight hints of oak-derived cinnamon spice and a whisper of smoke near the finish.

Barrel #25

Mild oak nose with medium body and herbal fennel notes; finishes with late heat and some hints of fruit cake.

Barrel #26

Initial oak and dark fruit nose, with hints of honey as the whisky opens. Full body with spiced herbal notes; ends with a round finish.

Barrel #24

Charred oak nose with a full, buttery mouthfeel; sweet honey carries through to a soft finish.

Barrel #22

Dried apricot and oak nose; medium body with light cinnamon notes and a smooth, soft finish.

Barrel #23

Delicate nose that opens up to plum and golden raisin after breathing; medium body with dark fruit and subtle spice notes.

Barrel #21

Toasted oak and brown sugar nose with a smooth, sweet and silky mouthfeel. Delicate honey finish with minimal traces of spice.

Barrel #20

Heavy oak with hints of orange on the nose. Full body with traces of almond and leather culminating with a dry, spicy finish.

Barrel #19

Begins with a slightly floral note.  Delicate traces of oak and butterscotch in the body lead to a pleasantly sweet finish.

Barrel #18

Exclusively available at Liquor Mart in Boulder, Colorado.

We weren't lucky enough to put together tasting notes for this unique barrel, but our friends over at Liquor Mart tell us that it features toasted oak, caramel and butterscotch undertones.

Barrel #17

Fruity nose with hints of dried apricot.  Raisins and spicy white pepper on the palate, which carry through to the finish.

Barrel #16

Exclusively available at Argonaut Wine & Liquor in Denver, Colorado. Bottled at cask strength only.

Barrel #15

Exclusively available at Superior Liquors in Superior, Colorado. Bottled at both regular and cask strength.

Barrel #10

Slight citrus nose, honey on the palate and a butterscotch brown sugar finish.

Barrel #12

Opening with elements of toasted oak and light vanilla.  Features a pleasantly spicy finish.

Barrel #14

Mellow at the start, but building in complexity.  Sweet fruit notes with layers of caramel and toffee.

Barrel #11

Caramel nose with a dry toasted oak character finishing with hints of peat and vanilla.