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Barrel #29

Exclusive release for Wilbur’s Total Beverage and Wyatt’s Wet Goods. Our second four-year-old whisky released to date. Bottled in Bond.

Barrel #13

An exclusive release of our first-ever 4-year-old malt whisky. Released on Friday, July 13th at 1:13 in the afternoon (that's 13:13 for you military types), this barrel sold out in 5 days. If you are lucky enough to have snagged a bottle, consider yourself lucky!

Barrel #63

This is an exclusive bottling for Hazel's Beverage World in Boulder and is only available at their location.

Barrel #18

Exclusively available at Liquor Mart in Boulder, Colorado.

We weren't lucky enough to put together tasting notes for this unique barrel, but our friends over at Liquor Mart tell us that it features toasted oak, caramel and butterscotch undertones.

Barrel #16

Exclusively available at Argonaut Wine & Liquor in Denver, Colorado. Bottled at cask strength only.

Barrel #15

Exclusively available at Superior Liquors in Superior, Colorado. Bottled at both regular and cask strength.