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Barrel #94

Nose has notes of tart apple, sweet and spicy oak, and earthy malt. Mild and slightly tart up front, but quickly develops nutty and sweet flavors of honey and brown sugar, with a rich mouthfeel. Finish has a tinge or herbal bitterness and lingers with a tingling spiciness.

Barrel #86

Green apple and tart malt nose. Nutty and rich initial flavors with toasted oak and brown sugar overtones. Finish is slightly cooling, with a slight hint of peat and a lingering mid-palate spiciness.

Barrel #9

Sweet toffee and nutty flavors prelude to a full warm mouthfeel and slightly spicy finish.

Barrel #6

Nutty sarsaparilla and warm vanilla. Apple butter and traces of cider can also be detected.