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Barrel #101

Nose that is both sweet, with notes of graham cracker and caramel, and fruity, with notes of dried orange peel and apple. Flavors are sweet and rich, with notes of creamy chocolate, clover honey and tannic malt. Finish starts with flavors of raw almonds and peat, then transitions to sweet brown sugar and lingers spicy and cooling on the tongue.

Barrel # 77

Nose has hints of juicy fruit – apple, peach and pear – that is balanced by caramel and peat. Taste is initially oaky and sweet, but transitions to herbal and dry, with a slightly smoky and cooling mouthfeel. Notes of white pepper and menthol linger on the tongue.

Barrel #66

Nose is complex, with notes of fresh-sliced orange, peat, and lemon juice-covered apple. Well-balanced flavors of smoke and sweet butterscotch, fizzing pleasantly on the tongue. Lingering, warm finish that holds notes of vanilla, charred oak and peat.

Barrel #28

Modest fruit nose with barely perceptible hints of smoke.  Medium body and a sweet, mellow taste with subtle earthy and wood spice flavors.  Quick, dry finish that lingers with hints of caramel and toasted oak.

Barrel #11

Caramel nose with a dry toasted oak character finishing with hints of peat and vanilla.

Barrel #5

Floral and fruity. The oak creates a nice balance between the floral nose, creamy mouthfeel and peat finish.

Barrel #4

Begins with a butterscotch nose, leading into a full body with nutty vanilla aspects and finishes with notes of peat and sweet molasses.

Barrel #3

Very herbaceous. the peat shows right at the beginning, followed by caramel notes and a spicy finish.