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Strawberry Basil Gin made in Colorado

strawberry basil gin


Double vapor-distilled.

Our citrusy & herbaceous gin undergoes a tantalizing infusion of ripe strawberries and fragrant basil, creating a harmonious blend that elevates the senses. This rendition of our nuanced gin boasts vibrant notes of strawberry, basil, and citrus, culminating in a delightful symphony of flavors. Enhanced by subtle spicy herbal undertones, each sip unveils layers of complexity. Crafted in our hand-made still, we meticulously vapor-infuse a medley of nine botanicals with fresh Rocky Mountain snowmelt. Resulting in a refined spirit suited for sipping neat or as the star ingredient in cocktails.

This product is certified Gluten Free.
More information here - and TTB


Spicy herbal, strawberries, basil


Smooth strawberries, botanicals, and light spicy herbs


Lingering citrus  spicy finish

Featured cocktail


2 oz Spirit Hound Batch 13 Gin 

1/2 oz egg white 

1 oz simple syrup 

1/2 oz lemon juice 

1/2 oz lime juice 

1 oz whipping cream 

Part One: Add all ingredients to a shaker WITHOUT ice and dry shake for 15 seconds.

Part Two: Add ice, shake and strain into Collins glass (tall glass) WITHOUT ice. Top with soda water and garnish with lemon peel. NOTE: this drink does not have any ice in the finished beverage .

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